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    Of Mattrick's performance Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins In fact, BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield recently penned a report that was actually titled "Zynga Needs A New Leader – Time for Don Mattrick To Go." So, there's definitely some hostility, even if Mattrick and Pincus are avoiding it.Before Mattrick joined the team in 2013, Zynga's primary business model revolved around data


    -driven development. The company would mine social networking statistics and look for trends that to capitalize on. But Mattrick worked at Electronic Arts and ran Microsoft's Xbox division before accepting Zynga's CEO spot. So, he wanted to refocus the company's development on high-quality Runescape games.I'm sure many of you are giggling


    about the words "Zynga" and "high-quality Runescape games" being used in such close proximity, and that's understandable. In fact, it's the main reason that Mattrick needed to step aside. Zynga isn't a triple-A game developer. It's a company that made its fortune on Facebook when social media gaming was at its peak. But Facebook Runescape games


     have been declining for some time, and Zynga hasn't been Cheap NBA 2K18 MT able to make the transition to mobile devices, which is why Pincus is back in the driver's seat.The New York Times caught up with Pincus, who confirmed that he plans to return Zynga to its roots: We need to get back to being the leader in mobile data and analytics, which leads to the best product


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