An Easy Guide for Treasure Trails with OSRS Clue Scroll

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    What should you do before completing Treasure Trails?

    According to the difficult level of the clue scroll, there are 5 levels: OSRS Easy Idea Scroll, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master. And the Treasure Trail at different amounts corresponds to different level reward. For example: a low difficulty Treasure Path means an easy clue with low reward yield. That’s why you should make sure what you want to get in Treasure Paths at first.

    Then you need to prepare these items, which are Hint Scroll and Spade OSRS. And if you don’t own the Concept Scroll in your inventory, you cannot move on to the next clue. In addition , the Spade is for clues which need digging. It’s also highly recommend that you have Teleportation Runes and Enchanted Jewelry, Energy potions, Money, Ring of Charos, Dramen or Lunar Staff.

    What’s more, when you do Treasure Trails, it’s better to have a high amount of quest points.

    Exactly what should you notice with various kinds of clues as well as riddles?

    You always can solve the anagram with the name of an NPC; challenge scrolls are kind of logical problems presented by an NPC; a cipher is letters that are scrambled with the Caesar Cipher method; a coordinate idea contains a suit of coordinates; if you want to complete puzzle boxes, you need to unscramble by clicking on tiles to bring them to an empty space; Buy Runescape 3 Gold fairy ring clues include three letters and four numbers. You need to reach a fairy ring with the code of the ring as the three letters, and follow the indication to move north, east, south and then west with the quantity of steps as the four numbers.

    How can you know the amount of Treasure Tracks you have completed?

    You can click on the treasure trail statistics, which is on the east wall from the Observatory Reception Room.