What are the Kudos OSRS?

  • Kudos OSRS are the rewards obtained for Old School RS Gold assisting the staff in the Varrock Museum. And you are required 100 Kudos or more to travel to Fossil Island, not to mention that different features on the island require more Thanks.

    How can you check the tasks you have done and haven’t done?

    You can go to the Information Booth on the ground floor of the museum, and see the opportunities you have for earning Kudos with the new Check Kudos option.

    How can you earn the Kudos?

    For now, you have three ways to earn 153 Kudos at most in the Varrock Museum activity, including cleaning Finds (50 Kudos), Answering Orlando Smith's Natural History Quiz (28 Kudos), as well as Relating Details of Certain Completed Quests to Historian Minas (75 Kudos).

    What is more Jagex will update the Information Booth again Cheap Runescape 3 Gold with Fossil Island released, which will offer brand new opportunities for getting more Kudos on the island.

    What is Champion’s Cape OSRS?

    Anybody, who has defeated Leon d'Cour and all 11 Champions, can claim the Champion’s Cape OSRS by speaking to Larxus under the Champions’ Guild. although this cape is just a cosmetic costume for now, it may be added some bonuses in the future.

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