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    The research by Forest Ethics Advocacy was based on an analysis of shareholder information in January 2012 from Bloomberg Professional of more than a dozen companies, including nine with headquarters in Canada, and six with their head offices in other countries. It found 71 per cent of the ownership of oilsands production was foreign, while the foreign based companies controlled 24.2 per cent of the sector's production."Some notably Canadian oil companies, such as Suncor, Canadian Oil Sands and Husky, are predominantly owned by non Canadians,"

    said the report. "The data also shows us that more than half of Canada's oil and gas revenue goes to foreign entities."At least one oilsands producer, MEG Energy, said the conservation group's research was "just plain wrong," estimating that less than 60 per cent of the company was held by non Canadian shareholders, as opposed to the Forest Ethics estimate of 89.1 per cent.The environmental group said it supports foreign investment in Canada, but wanted to see more laws and regulations to ensure that companies do not leave Canadians with excessive environmental risks while the foreign owners are reaping the profits."The bottom line is Canada's policies need to be designed for Canadians, not just for big oil and foreign investors," said Tzeporah Berman, co founder of Forest Ethics.

    In this May 19, 2017, photo, Stephanie Shyu, co founder of AdmitSee, poses for a picture, in San Francisco. Shyu says she and her business partner collaborated well three years ago in forming AdmitSee, a San Francisco based company that helps students apply for college and graduate school. As time went on, they had big differences about the company long term strategy and how it should be managed.

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