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    I finally made it all the way to Xi Xiang, the metro stop which was walking distance to the Maker Faire! I was getting pretty excited, I had lugged all this stuff across the world, and finally I was going to meet the makers of China! After a long and potholed walk I finally made it to the gate where a nice young Chinese lady helped me carry my stuff, we walked down a long outdoor hallways at F518 the "First Experiential Sharing Space in China" which was filled with sculptures and art. Billboards around me advertised hip hop dance classes and robots peeped from the windows. I knew I was in the right place. Right near the entrence of the Maker Faire was a strange robot. It was the size of a small house and it served books. They have robot libraries in Shenzhen. Wow! The more I learn about this place the cooler it seems!

    Now government officials can find out if he is interested in sharing al Qaeda secrets with interrogators in exchange for, say, a decade or so, off the recommended sentence. There's no guarantee that Judge Young will go along with such a recommendation, but word of Reid's cooperation would probably save the defendant a fairly decent chunk of years next to the Nichols and Kaczynskis and Youssefs of the world.And if Reid is anything like other, wellknown al Qaeda members who have been arrested or captured since last September, he'll probably start talking as soon as the interrogators close the door to the room.

    Rorsted said Adidas would keep investing heavily in the United States, including in staff, infrastructure, marketing and instore fittings, noting that retailers such as Foot Locker and Dicks Sporting Goods were positive about the brand's future. market, helped by a shift towards retro styles and away from basketball shoes Golden Goose which has hurt Under Armour and dampened Nike's success.

    Nike's stock is "prestigiously topranked for both timeliness and safety," said Craig Sirois, equity analyst at Value Line Investment Survey. He puts his preliminary sales estimate for fiscal 2017 at $35.5 billion, up from his projection of $32.9 billion for fiscal 2016. And he sees earnings of $2.45 a share for fiscal 2017, up from a projected $2.15 in fiscal 2016, "boosted," said Sirois, "by the upcoming Olympic games and share repurchases."