• Cloud9 amazed G2 in the first quarter-final at ELEAGUE Premier, eliminating the actual French side having a 2-0 series win. After the game, all of us talked with Tarik "tarik" Celik concerning the win and the actual hope to achieve continue.

    The North American side continued their strong ELEAGUE performance, as their dominant team stage showing had been followed up with a victory over the Frenchmen of G2. Jake "Stewie2K" Yip as well as co. won Cobblestone, despite a poor history on the map, particularly when compared with Richard "shox" Papillon's team, as well as closed out the series on Inferno.

    All of us caught up with Tarik "tarik" Celik within the hallways of the ELEAGUE Studios and discussed the veto, force buys and their upcoming against Astralis or fnatic

    Stroll me through the veto here, what do you expect and why did we notice these maps?

    So they banned Train and that we banned Nuke. All of us definitely expected them to pick Cobblestone because our record upon Cobble was really bad and their document on the map is actually good, especially upon LAN. So we were fully prepared to play Cobblestone and we selected Inferno, which I avoid entirely know when they were completely ready for. Because they would've most likely expected Mirage from us because which is map we usually pick. But all of us decided to pick Inferno against them also it worked out for us. The last map was Cache, what we were also ready to play also it would've been a good map for us. Therefore the whole veto process went really well for all of us, I would say.

    Inform me why do you then decide to not pick Mirage as well as go for Inferno?

    I think we picked Inferno because we felt like our Inferno right now is good, and we felt such as their play within the map was type of shaky, we watched how they played and that we saw some exploits, some weaknesses in some areas that we could take advantage of. It wound up working out for us. I think we were just truly comfortable picking Inferno against them overall.

    Let's start with the actual Csgo skins for sale Cobblestone game, that was a bit of a back and forth and in the end, you closed it out. Inform me what the crucial details were in this game?

    Cobble was actually frustrating, the first 1 / 2 for sure, mainly because there were a lot of force buy rounds, and the first eco rounds... All of us won pistol and in the second round We screwed up pretty bad. There was lots of rounds that I feel like we had a good continue reading the opposing group and we knew the actual were going to do and we were set up for it, but somehow it just did not work out for us, we were missing our eliminates, or people got timing'd, or some thing went wrong.

    But I think, overall, there were a really good continue reading our CT side, but what assisted us the most in this half was clutches and it was exactly the same with the next 1 / 2. On the T side we had a lot of clutches, we had Tyler who else won three clutches I think, and Tim and Stew won a couple of clutches I think so they carried all of us pretty hard upon Cobble I would say. It was looking truly shaky for us, but we pulled through in the end, I'm truly happy. Our To side was good, but I think overall our CT side could've been much better. We could've organized a better fight but Cobble was a big win for us, especially because we knew how good these were and it was their pick.

    So inform me about Inferno then, you won the pistol, gone up 3-0, after that they came back also it was 5-3 to them. Tell me, from there onward, what do you do?

    I think there were an understanding of how their rotations were operating and we went into some of our set strats that we knew would work against them. We did a few explosive plays where we went weighty B and I think towards end of the 1 / 2 our executes began working, it began clicking and I feel like they gave all of us a more room towards end and that assisted us out a great deal. Mainly just our executes saved all of us I would say.

    In the beginning of the game, it seemed like G2 were pretty conservative with their force-buying, and as Inferno came on, all of us saw that altering and them force buying quite a bit. Just how did you see which developing from your point of view?

    Yeah, the force buys... I don't know if all of them were necessarily good for them, because I feel such as sometimes they overdid it. But they would be the type of team you need to be ready for to do that. We all know that, even though you break their money, they will buy again. If they know that you have lower money, they will buy, for sure. So we had to basically be prepared for a buy round almost every round. That exactly what kept happening, these people kept buying, these people kept doing these fast strats and I think overall we were prepared for it and we knew that was how they were going to play, without any respect and a truly aggressive playstyle. We were prepared for it therefore it worked out really well for all of us.

    While on the topic of pistols as well as force buys, there were the changes to all the pistols occur, except the CZ that stayed exactly the same, and teams had a bit of time to adjust to it, and along with that there is the aimpunch change. How do you have the force buys and also the whole meta at this time? Is there something out of balance for you?

    We don't think it's out of balance, I think it can pretty good right now. Force buys are at a point where they could be pretty dangerous, but a possibility a threat to a point where you can't handle it. If you play anti-force purchases correctly, whether upon CT or To, then you will be good with the guns. It's still a fifty-fifty, force buys really are a big risk for sure, but I do not think that it's at a stage where it's out of balance, I do not think that Tec-9's, CZ's, P250's are at a point where you have to create a change to make it worse or what ever. I think it's good right now.

    Lastly, talking to RUSH before the event, he mentioned that should you go past G2 that you have a chance to proceed far. Coming up next it's either Astralis or fnatic, each teams with a different playstyle to G2, so how do you see that matchup?

    I think that people have a really good possibility of going far and I think that our next matchup is actually really good for all of us as well, Astralis or even fnatic. I think we would prefer to play fnatic, but if we do play fnatic, but if we do play Astralis then we can still Buy CSGO Skins put up a good fight and, overall, I would say that everyone is really confident as well as comfortable after this win. I think it put us in a good place with our mindset and our mindset, so I think anything at all is possible, we simply got to take it video game by game.