• The Danish derby saw North 2-0 Heroic, with 16-7 wins on Overpass and Mirage. Following the match, Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså said that the rivalry between them and Heroic gets overrated a bit, however that they did put in a lot of time preparing for the matchup.

    As the final quarter-final concluded with North moving on having a convincing win over Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer's soldiers, the first phase from the ELEAGUE CS: PROCEED Premier playoffs offers finished and all semi-finalists are known.

    To get more insight in to the inner workings associated with North, who are on a good run since the player break, all of us sat down with their new player as well as former Heroic associate, Valdemar "valde"Bjørn Vangså.

    After the break, the first event you had was Malmő, you completed second, then you received Montreal and went through the group stage here. So , you've been having some pretty good results and the other top groups have been falling away a bit. Did you feel like this tournament could be the one that maybe ignites you to even taking number one spot?

    Yea, for sure, ELEAGUE is among the biggest events from the year so it's a really important event, simply because, obviously, all of the top teams are in presence. It means a lot in order to us, because I believe we've been having some pretty poor results online the past few weeks, we didn't find a way to qualify for ECS which was a pretty big disappointment for us. But all of us played the online video games just after we arrived home from a LAN journey and somehow we just can't obtain our Buy Cheap CSGO Skins game going when we get home as well as play those online flash games after we've been at events, so that is something that we need to focus on.

    But ELEAGUE is definitely a really important event and i believe a good result here is gonna put you in the top three maybe, because you have Astralis, FaZe, G2, all those teams here, who you need to beat in order to become the champ. So it's definitely a top event for us.

    Entering the first match, against Heroic, your previous team, and you lost to them online recently in the ECS Development League... So tell me about that matchup, was there lots of rivalry and emotion, wanting to win this match?

    I actually think it gets a little overrated, when I perform Heroic, personally, even though it's my previous team, I don't feel any various actually, compared to when I play any other video game. You always go into the game with a mindset that you want to win, but I think this wouldn't have mattered almost what team we played which day [in the ECS Dev. League] I believe we would've lost. None of us strike our shots, the communication was really bad, nobody was taking decisions and stepping up when needed. To ensure that was obviously a really disappointing result for us. I believe, once we get to a LAN and we have time to prepare and we can make a proper game plan and stick to it, I believe it shows who is the best team among us and Brave at the moment.

    Both you and Heroic prevent Cache, and here it didn't come into play, but you overlook it through. So tell me a bit concerning the veto, what was the thinking there?

    What we should do on our team is that MSL, ruggah and cajun b, those three perform all the vetos. Therefore me, aizy as well as k0nfig don't have anything to say in the veto process. I'm actually not sure how the veto went because I didn't see it yet, but we talked about it in the dorm room yesterday and we knew that they were likely to float Cache in the first suspend rotation and then i was unsure if they might ban maybe Cobble or something else. We had a pretty good idea about what the map pool would be it was simply going to be a issue of which order.

    It actually ended up becoming Overpass, Mirage, Inferno which is exactly like all of us expected it. However I think we had the mindset that, if they wanted to float Cache, we would do so too, because the old North team, before I joined, actually performed a bit of Cache. I still think that, even though none of us perform the map right now, that we would have top of the hand. But given that they beat us 2-0 online, I think that they felt like that they had to avoid Cache because they felt that they could beat us within the other maps. A person always prefer to perform a map that you can actually play and then lose, then perform a map you do not play at all as well as lose. Then it seems like too much of a risk, I think.

    Let's touch on the first map, that was Overpass. You had a 9-2 lead but then they received that eco as well as started getting some momentum...

    We watched lots of videos of them on Overpass, actually, I believe that when I went to bed yesterday I just sat with the tablet and watched two or three demos associated with Mirage and Overpass and I think we came to the conclusion that they are doing a lot of similar stuff. So that they have a few, 2-3 executes, and then these people just like to run their own default.

    So we knew that, if we may Where to buy csgo skins shut their arrears down, they would probably go to the few techniques, good tactics that they have, and then we had some anti-stratting prepared for the. We knew that when we could mess up their own default and then do the same with their completes before they get to run them, [that we might win the game]. And I think that it gone into their head simply because we could feel that these people didn't have an answer once we started to pick their strategies aside. I think it was actually kinda the same for Mirage, a lot of anti-stratting and preparation actually went into this game, that people may not see.

    You secured that win, you are moving on to the semi-final, where FaZe is waiting, that's a team everybody is talking about now, what do you expect from the matchup?

    I'm expecting a really tough matchup, we need to be on point individually if we want to compete with them. However I think we are maybe a better fundamental team, we have a better structure in my opinion and probably also better techniques. So it's a matter of keeping our own individually and then being able to use this structure and these tactics to pick apart their system. But it's certainly going to be a really tough game. And even though you are versus an eco, with FaZe you can never be safe because of the Deagles and so on. So it's going to be a really hard video game, we are going to go home, to the hotel, and prepare like we did for Heroic.